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Embroidery stablilizer backing

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Embroidery Machine Stabilizer

$T2eC16V,!)!E9s2fB+2)BQ(MrI6wZ!~~60_35One of the most important elements in producing perfect results is choosing the right supplies, like embroidery machine stabilizer backing for your project. This quality embroidery stabilizer backing is perfect for 4″ X 4″ hoops and comes in tearaway pre-cut sheets of 8″ x 8″, 100 sheets in a pack.

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Our tearaway sheets, unlike similar products, provide extra stabilization for the fabrics you choose and are able to withstand the repeated perforations of any project. Sewartsy stabilizer backing tears easily and cleanly in either direction with minimal effort and without distorting the embroidery.

Our stabilizer backing is perfect for projects such as jackets, woven materials with light to medium stitch counts as well as denims, linens, and broadcloth. It is heavy enough to keep embroidery from puckering on t-shirts when using it with no-show mesh.

If you’re trying to decide on quality embroidery supplies and you value your finished product, you’ll want to use the best stabilizer backing available to you. That’s where ‘Sew Artsy’ comes in! You won’t be disappointed.

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Stitchy Snippets – Silk Webs

Paint drips, splashes and a burst of colour darned together with threads which dart in between like spiders dancing across the canvas and weaving webs in purpose designed spaces. Textile artist Nava Lubelski creates wonderfully vibrant pieces. I am fascinated in how she bridges the gap between a once throwaway and often damaged piece of textile and to transform it into a work of art. Nava talks about her art: “My work explores the contradictions between the impulse to destroy and the compulsion to mend. I juxtapose rapid acts of destruction, such as spilling and cutting, with painstaking, restorative labor. Embroideries are hand-stitched over stains and rips, contrasting the accidental with the meticulous.”

In our current age, where resources are becoming ever scarcer, innovative restoration techniques such as Nava’s are extremely relevant. To take a seemingly damaged piece of fabric and convert the fault into a feature shows real ingenuity and the results are beautiful.

Wedding Wednesday: Married

I don’t usually post many personal details, but I thought this past Saturday might be a good exception – because on May 6, I married the man of my dreams.

Finding the perfect dress took a little trial and error – since the first one was altered too tightly to be wearable. I was able to get all my money back, and found this lovely vintage dress on Ebay for a pittance. It was perfect, and perfect for me. I loved the back and the embellishments and since it was an older dress, I liked the idea that I’d be wearing something unique.

Our ceremony was beautiful – surrounded by all the people I love (finally in one place!) in our church, which has so much meaning to us. I chose simple flowers because I didn’t want to even try to compete with the natural beauty of the church.

Never in a million years did I think we could clean up so nicely. 🙂 It still feels so surreal, like it all happened to somebody else.

I wore a lovely, lighter dress at our reception, which I also found on Ebay and paid less than I paid for my simple bouquet. I’m proud of that because we were on a tight budget, and were prioritizing saving money for our life together.

I wanted to be able to dance and move, and this dress was perfect for that. Although it was a bit snug after flautas and barbeque. 🙂

I suppose the most expensive purchase of my ensemble was the lovely ivory veil I wore – but I think it was well worth the price. I’d seen many expensive veils with unimpressive stitching, but the embellishment on this one was gorgeous. It was Bel Aire Bridal V7300 in ivory, if you’re interested. 🙂

I’m still waiting on the professional photos – believe it or not these lovely photos were all snapped by my bridesmaid, niece, cousin, and wonderful sister-in-law.

I’ll leave you with our first dance – I am so thankful – beyond happy, beyond lucky, and beyond blessed! Hope you enjoy these few photos and memories with me.

Wonderful Wednesday #36: Hoffelt and Hooper

What a beautiful kit this is, by Hoffelt And Hooper, on Etsy! This kit comes with: Printed cotton fabric (and I love that blue), 5″ embroidery hoop, full skeins of DMC embroidery floss, Embroidery Needle, and a PDF stitching guide.

I can’t think of a lovelier gift for a stitcher of any skill level! To see more loveliness by Sarah, visit her Instagram.

Stitchy Snippets – Textile Bakery

Recently, I have met with the most wonderful and fantastic work by Beatrice Oettinger.

An explosion of floral elements, her textile pieces and dresses are beautifully ethereal and refreshingly inspirational. Beatrice’s garments are composed from silks, organzas, real flowers, wool and also baked dough!

In Beatrice’s words: ‘Each garment is unique—an expression of a moment, a season, a walk—alchemically mixed and shaped—made for inspiration—full of seeds that can be brought back to life if you abandon them to nature again.’

Friday Instagram Finds No. 93 with Rosa e Chocolat

I just love Isabel’s embroidery! That three dimensional bird and little fox and birch trees are just so great! You can find Isabel’s work on Instagram on her account @rosaechocolat. She lives in Portugal, and also has an Etsy shop. Here are some of my favorite pictures from her feed!

Easter bunny is coming to town 😊 🐰 For shopping see link in profile 😉  #handmade #sewing #embroidery #handembroidery #embroideryinstaguild #needlepoint #needlestitch #needlepainting #needlework #broderie #bordado #刺繍 #dmcthread #dmcthreads #stitches #feelingstitchy #feelingstitchyig #hoop #hoopart #rosaechocolat #worldembroideryday #craftastherapy #craftsposure #craftastherapy_valentine #em_hm  #marieclaireideesA post shared by (@rosaechocolat) on Apr 13, 2017 at 10:32am PDT

and here we go again. . . 😊❤ Do you wanna go with me? 😉 #handmade #sewing #embroidery #handembroidery #embroideryinstaguild #needlepoint #needlestitch #needlepainting #needlework #broderie #bordado #刺繍 #dmcthread #dmcthreads #stitches #feelingstitchy #feelingstitchyig #hoop #hoopart #rosaechocolat #worldembroideryday #craftastherapy #craftsposure #craftastherapy_valentine #em_hm  #marieclaireideesA post shared by (@rosaechocolat) on Mar 26, 2017 at 7:16am PDT

Hello people 😉 For shopping see link in profile 😉  #handmade #sewing #embroidery #handembroidery #embroideryinstaguild #needlepoint #needlestitch #needlepainting #needlework #broderie #bordado #刺繍 #dmcthread #dmcthreads #stitches #feelingstitchy #feelingstitchyig #hoop #hoopart #rosaechocolat #worldembroideryday #craftastherapy #craftsposure #craftastherapy_valentine #em_hm  #marieclaireideesA post shared by (@rosaechocolat) on Apr 2, 2017 at 6:58am PDT

MooshieStitch Monday: Easter (and Spring) Stitching Ideas

Hey Everyone! Looking for something fun to stitch for Easter next weekend?

Here are some ideas found in the Feeling Stitchy blog archives!

* If you want an easy quick project, try this adorable little chick embroidery.

Click here to see more photos and to get the link to the (free!) pattern.

* Get your sewing machine out and make this Easter basket. You can personalize it with any embroidery pattern you like also.

Tutorial Here

* Who likes Peeps?? Make this fun felt Peeps embroidery for Easter!!

Tutorial Here

* Make your own Easter bunny!

Find It Here

* For those readers living where it is currently Springtime, you could try stitching this woven basket with flowers (or add little Easter eggs instead of flowers!)

Tutorial Here

* Lastly, to get you in the mood for “Spring cleaning”, I love this tutorial on how to make embroidered labels to organize all your stitching supplies. 

Tutorial Here

Threadwritten Textiles by Sarah Pedlow

Recently I was contacted by artist Sarah Pedlow, who has been researching embroidery techniques and traditions in areas such as Budapest, Hungary, Blonduos, Iceland, and Oaxaca, Mexico.

Sarah is looking to fund her upcoming residency studying Dutch Textile Traditions with an Indiegogo campaign.

Contributions Sarah’s residency fund are rewarded with some rather beautiful embroidered items, from authentic embroidery stitched by women in Transylvania to a kit that teaches the Hungarian written stitch with materials, to a silkscreened project bag that can be used as is or embroidered with a simple chain or back stitch.

Sarah’s work is fascinating – I encourage you to take a look at her Indiegogo page, visit to learn about her upcoming classes, or follow her on Instagram.

Wonderful Wednesday #33: Mirka Döring

I was just floored by the beauty of this embroidery by artist Mirka Döring. The colors, the textures, the stitching – just perfect!

To see more of her stitching, visit her shop on Etsy and DaWanda and find her on Instagram.

If you’d like to try your hand at that stupendous flamingo, Mirka has a PDF pattern in her shop: